say goodbye to commas
2005-11-14, 11:42 a.m.

well here i am, drinking a morning cup of tea because my throat hurts and also because as darren said "us coffee drinkers don't get enough antioxidants" that's my big thing right now, antioxidants, as well as calories, i look at the package of everything!! And my cousin sent me a fucking brilliant song called The Future Freaks me out by Motion City Soundtrack, in the past few weeks I've been so fucking depressed, and just can't get my regular enjoyment out of my music, this also may be partially due to the fact that my car was in claresholm for the week. But Morti is home, when a better than ever starter which i think will get us through the winter, and Darren's dad (notice i didn't say MY dad....) hooked my sub back up for me, and it helped me realized that I LOOOOOVE my car and stereo and my sub especially. Everything just sounds so fucking lovely. Pen we must take a drive soon. Yeah... So I've been pretty much as low as I've gotton in my older-adolescent life, well it runs in bouts of up and down, and I find that ever 'down' seems to be somewhat worse... Darren's been so good to me, just comforting my ever complaint and all the unexplained tears. And last night he said something along the lines of "don't despair, spongebob wouldn't despair" How could somebody NOT love a man who says stuff like that. We're doing well, very very well. I'm so happy with our relationship, I just wish that the rest of my head was happy enough to enjoy it instead of just being bitchy and irritable and sad all the time, as well as depressing him!! But things are going to be ok
I got a job!! I had my first shift on thursday. It was ok. Pretty crazy though, I'm hoping it will either calm down (and she'll train me in the 2 weeks it's supposed to take, instead of like 3 days) or that it's all going to click nicely in this thick little skull of mine... Yeah I'm not doing so well in school, I don't even want to go anymore. Sometime I reeeally have to go talk to advising at the Univeristy, and I'm hoping to find that I don't need to take anymore classes next semester, and I can either take a couple classes there and get a head start... Or take the semester off and make some money, and me and Dare have decided again that we are going to move in together, and I think we're in a much better position this time, and I'm really actually looking forward to it, I even did ALL his dishes last night for practice *shudders* Well I work tonight, tues and wed. and sat. TOmorrow I have my last mid term, I'm too discouraged to even study, the amount I study doesn't seem to have anything to do with how I do on my tests... But oh well. I'll be getting a cheque on the 25th, man am I ever excited, It'll be mega small,but it'll be money!! It's money for my future, my plates and cutlery (john deere ones at that)
Hmm well I should go shower and get ready for my class, I'm getting hot sitting in my huge jammies, in the sun, drinking tea.
And get this! When me and Braden went to the hockey game a couple weeks ago we applied for these flames mastercards (mostly just because I wanted a flames touque) and I didn't think i'd ever get one (due to my monthly income being ZERO) and mine came today!! I wasn't planning on activating it if onea actually came, but it's sooo pretty, with a $1500 limit, which scares the shit out of me. But I suppose it may come in handy in the next couple monthes when me and Dare need to buy some things for our house. When people used to come into HMV with them i'd always be like SWEEEET how'd you get this?!? And now I haveone... Oh yeah. Yes I have just decided to activate it. I'm baad. Well it's time for my busy busy day to begin. But no bus this week for Alli. HURRAY!!! Although I have to admit, I really liked taking the bus... Maybe if it's really warm out or if I'm feeling particularly motivated and energetic I'll take it (like that'll ever happen) It's just nice to be driven around without having to worry about the driver rear ending people (one of the fucking scariest rides of my life through calgary on the way to claresholm on the weekend, thank you Kevin) You just hop on, listen to music, watch for your stop, and hop out. Ok It's reeeally shower time. Bye all. I miss everybody

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