the most stubborn man alive (is my boyfriend)
2005-11-05, 10:17 p.m.

well i'm in claresholm. and my car won't start. bahaha. i was telling darren "this is the worst thing ever" "well it can't be that bad, you're still smiling" "well what else is there to do" yuo i think morti's 2nd starter has gone once and for all. it's been on the verge of death for a few weeks though. and it didn't strand me at school, at darren's or at the back alley last weekend when i was hammered. but of course an hour and a half away from home. fucking brilliant, but... i'm still smiling nonetheless. i think darren's dad is going to try and track one down tomorrow, in calgary finding a car part is no big deal, but in a small town you're pretty much screwed unless you want to drive to lethbridge, which i might add takes far longer than one might expect (i fucking hate you reed)
me and d are going to make drinks pretty soon and get in the hot tub. it's our tradition.
and *drum roll please*...

darren let me [try to] cut his hair... well twice actually... the 2nd time to get all the spots i missed. he wouldn't let his mother (who actually KNOWS how to cut hair) do it, help or tutor me... because she didn't do what he wanted when he was 19... yup he's 26 now and he's still's quite random and has a lot of what we will call... layers but i think it looks ok. or it will after his... errr bangs grow out... i guess we'll wait a bit to go get our xmas photos taken (isn't that a deliciously couple ish thing to do, i've always wanted to do it and never had the opportunity, i never in a million years thought he'd agree to it. but we're going to. i'm pretty excited) i'm definitely not a hairdresser by any means but i think it looks better, got all the damaged ends off. im contemplating trying to trim mine, but that's never ended in anything good before.
and im pretty sure i got my job at the portrait studio... i keep going from being excited (yay money, i can fix my 240!!! and buy clohtes, and get darren the xmas gift i want to!!!) to not just caring at all. for now im going to ask for weekends off, just because i value my darren time far too much, due to him being without a vehicle, he has to go to bed an hour earlier, to be up at 6am. ick. and then i go get him at work. but yeah. she called me on thurs. to ask for my previous employers last names, all the came to mind for my canadian tire boss's last name was "uh white trash??" and i had to call HMV to ask what calvin's last name, because all i could think of was the guy he talks about the stock market on the global news, sheldon lelivre or something. i've done 1/3 midterms. 2nd is on thurs. im not worried about it. it was a fairly simple few chapters. notes from my aging project interview are due monday, which is partially why im in claresholm, not that i was able to get a hold of my grandparents all day... and i had a 2 part midterm for my again class on wed and fri. that is soo lame. it's like i walk out of the multiple choice part on wed and was like YAY it's over... no wait... it's not... wed was like the day from hell. by the time i got to the exam, after 4 hours of sleep and having an anxiety attack i kept finding that my head kept kinda collapsing into my hand... but we had a really romantic cuddly night in spite of it all. i fell asleep partially sitting up in a chair that was digging into my back.
HMM darren and his dad are watching some movie about some war, and i just hear a lot of shooting and exploding. i wonder if they're curious as to why i left the room. ha ha ha. that's more of a slow sarcastic laugh just so you know.
hmm. i suppose it it time to stop laughing and try to convince darren to take me to 7 11 again(we just got back like 40 minutes ago) to get pepsi for my paralyzers.

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