i hate this day
2005-07-29, 6:44 p.m.

so today i woke up around 2, feeling motivated and in a fairly good mood (even though i stayed up til 5 writing darren a letter... i dunno) and the day just got worse and worse from there. First of all i decided to call the college and try and work out my problem of not having my loan yet, and unfortunately there is nothing they can do for me, and they will be kicking me out of my classes on tuesday if my tuition isn't paid. I'm glad that they're trying to be so accomodating for people who's familie's have financial difficulties (ie. having no money) "well do you have a credit card to put it on or somebody you can borrow the money from" NO i do not, hense why I'm on student loans you fucking asshole. so being on the verge of tears i called my uncle, to see if he knew how to get a hold of my mom who is camping in waterton, he told me he'd try and think of somebody who has a cabin there who could go find my family... i don't think he really knows anybody down there, but he was so sweet. Everytime I talk to him he always says "we should go for beer and wings sometime" he's said that sincei turned 18, it's been almost 2 years. but that doesn;t bother me for some reason. better than my creepy uncle who calls me to tell me that i need to call him more often to tell him that i love him and miss him, that sorta creeps me out. needless to say, i don't call him.
well what else shitty happened... well i went to re-register my vehicles, and they can only register the tempo because my 240 doesn't have full insurance, which means i have to find somewhere to put my 240. fucking hell. and then came home to find my dad on the phone putting our house for sale... and he has the nerve to ask me "hey would you mind sitting in the front yard and relaxing for a while tonight" and i thought he meant like hang out with him in the front yard for a while... and i was like uh... "why.. is that what you're doing?"
"no actually, i'm going to lethbridge and i want you to watch my tools" so he wanted me to sit there for like 5 hours (probably more like 7-9 knowing my dad) and gaurd his tools on a friday night.i think not. and he kept asking me if i wanted to go for pizza or something with him later. and i don't. he's like a fucking cat. all manipulative and only nice when he wants something. it's days like this that make me realize how much i need my mommy. i wanted her to come home, and fix everything.
i've been looking forward to going back to school for like 3 weeks now (i'm bored... i need something productive to do) and it looks like there's a chance i won't be going at all, if i can't get into my classes again. yeah i'm sad. hmm im going to watch the simpsons then go over to see my d.

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