long. im warning
2005-07-25, 2:04 a.m.

well, seeing as I'm a freaking genius, I fixed my computer. Now of only MSN would work, i could get a web cam, Bus loads of fun. Last night while at Kevin;s I was on his for a while, he weaved chop sticks through my hair, and we showed people my eyes (extreme close up) and ears, and my brain, it's big. and me and kevin put on a show of me beating him to death with a sword, it turns out i put on a pretty unconvincing sword beating. *sigh* but if you looked at the wrong time, you would get a cock shot (i have a loving boyfriend, just making sure everybody knew who's the man, and it's him. clearly) so yeah... i hogged kevin's computer for far too long. and the 3 of us went to see Lord's of Dogtown, which was very entertaining with a somewhat surprise sad ending. I learned that putting your dreams before your life may never pay off or bring you happiness (stupid fucking ex boyfriend). But it made me think, i would definitely recomend it. Darren and I spent the majority of today and yesterday looking for a place for him, and it seems like the available suits having gotton extremely disgusting. last year Pen and I went on a hunt for one (for the stupid lazy boyfriend at the time) and we saw some crap, but there were waaay more nice ones for the same price than there are now. But we found him a place, it's not great, but it'll do. it's close, which i love. the amount of gas i'll be saving by not driving to country hills 4-5 times a week will be amazing, especially considering how much gas is supposed to start costing (already costs) it makes me sick to think about.
i bought a battery charger last week, and put the battery for the 240 on it, and i've started it a couple times, and today we took it for a small drive around the neighborhood, and man on man, it was goooood. better than sex (not really, but i guess it really depends on who you're having sex with though i guess, in my case... not in close but it was still good) i like to sit in it. sad i know... but me and pen are going to ATTEMPT to take it in tomorrow and find out what exactly is wrong with it. i hope they don't have to put it on lifts, cuz if they go near the support rails the whole car will crumble. but the prospect is exciting nonetheless. i even let darren take it for a drive around the block. i must of been feeling particuarily generous.
but we have made a mutual decision to make a conscious effort to get along well with each other. which means i would have to do something to block out the female DNA that makes us cronic "nit pickers" sex & the city said it was DNA anyways. so that's my story and i'm stickin to it. but really. i need to calm down, and not freak out when he steps on my shoes when they're sitting at my front door (yes it drives me insane and he doesn't even notice when he does it) and tonight i have to say that he wasn't being particularly respectful of my teddy bear. i demand him to be treated well, even ask Pen, we were driving home from edmonton, and i was like Pen.... and she was like yeah.... and i said can you do my a favour... and she was like now what... and i said.... can you make sure my teddy bear isn't suffocating. stuff can't be on top of him, and if i realize that im accidently squishing him or something i feel immensely guilty. childish i know. but everybody has something. (well i didn't mention that i also have 3 blankies, 1 one of which gets hauled around... sad sad girl i am) well my ass is going numb from sitting here for far too many hours. and im getting hungry so i should go to bed. sorry for the long silly post to any lamer who sat through it all.

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