blue shoes gone
2005-06-28, 2:04 a.m.

well i'm bored, downloaded firefox to use instead of explorer, it seems to be working a little better, i can get into my hotmail now, but still not onto msn, does anybody know how to fix this? well it's pouring rain out, and my shoes are in the back of darren's (partially covered) truck. i have nothing to wear on my feet to work tomorrow, and my cute little BLUE SHOES [I'M WEARING BLUE SHOES!!] are gonna get all wrecked. shit.
i spent my afternoon with ashley (also known as sparkles) and it was really nice to see her, it's been so long since we got to spend some one on one time together. just chattin and what not.
then this evening darren and i went to cardel to work out, it's soo nice there, pretty busy compaired to a lot of places, but it's not crowded by any means. i got in a better work out than i have since before i got sick back in august, i wonder why i did so well today, considering the recent abuse i've put my body through and how sick i was yesterday. then we went for a swim, which was really nice, if he wasn't moving further south then i'd go get a year pass for there, that's how good it was. or maybe i just like it cuz i got in a good work out and am happy.
i'm sorta nervous to go to work tomorrow, i don't think anybody really had a clue that i was going to be quitting, and after feeling bad about it for a couple days,i'm pretty excited about it now, i'm going to try and take a bit of time off in between jobs and go mess around in claresholm/lethbridge for a little while, spend some time with my grandparents as well as reed.
hmm my body is craving carbs after working out. i've reverted back to pepsi, after going a few weeks without one, i've had one two days in a row now, and damn was it good.-but enough. i should make myself a little nibble to eat and go to bed, cuz i have to be up exactly 6 hours (fucking hell)

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