i'm a rich girl, eat this gwen stefani (you suck ass)
2005-06-15, 7:00 p.m.

one might hope that seeing as i'm approaching adulthood, i would outgrow the "my feelings are hurt because i've been left out... again" sort of thing. i suppose at this point i shouldn't care or should be used to it by now, but for some reason the sting of not quite fitting in, and nobody seeming to care or making much of an effort to help me fit in, won't quite fade away. it's like being the kid who didn't get invited to the birthday party, and once you cry, and the host of the party realizes he may have hurt your feelings (although not necessarily caring) and invites you to come, out of pity, while making it perfectly clear that you're only there because you cried... and it's not even like you wanted to go to the damn birthday party, it's just that you wern't invited, and nobody wanted you there anyways. you can't just invite somebody as an after thought and expect them to be ok with it...
i'm whining, but they're thoughts that came to mind... how can being the perpetual reject NOT hurt...
check "my space" on msn for my loser anthem that i posted on there, or download Creep by Radiohead.
Me and Darren are going to a movie tonight, I'm going to have a shower now.
I get paid tonight, vacation pay, an extra week of wages, a stat holiday, and a bonus... after taxes I clear $787. i'm amazed, and very very excited. After waking up to my dad having a screaming fit on the phone and hearing him call a client both a cock sucker and a mother fucker (terms I didn't exactly think that parents were capable of saying) and missing not 1, but 2 buses this morning, i was pretty fucking pissed off by the time I got to work this morning, but seeing my pay stub sure made my day... I want to go shopping. boy do i want to go shopping. But I think in reality I should fix my cars and join a gym. anybody interested in joining a gym with me?

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