2005-05-24, 12:22 a.m.

well i am home again... we didn't quite make it camping due to some timing problems on friday night(darren said he was working late and told me we would leave in the morning, so i volunteered to go pick up james at the bar and drive him to david's, this was not me doing anybody a favor, it was purle selfish because i wanted to drive james' 240, and then darren got off work and wanted to go after all but i was in the middle of something) we spent the night at his house, set the alarm for 4:30, then 5:30 then 6:30 to get up and try and go get a camping spot, but ended up sleeping til mid morning then spending the weekend in claresholm at his parents house, but his parents wern't there, so it was kind of like us just staying in their big house that just happens to have a darren-clone walking around it sometimes. the 3 of us drove to lethbridge to see the new star wars (it was my idea... and i slept through the first 1/2 hour) and last night we went to visit my grandparents for dinner, and i was telling them how i wanted a john deere sticker for my Morti because of it's lack of a muffler, and he has coincidently just bought a brand new john deere, and gave me the sweetest hat that came with it. dude im so stoked on this hat. i plan on wearing it all the time with my new pleated little denim skirt.
i need need need a hot tub... sooo relaxing and nice. on sat. night we had a couple shots of jack daniels and then (cover your eyes kevin)... had a nice hot tub.
i came to the conclusion that the main idea of going away is just to do it in new places. for example: a trailor, a hot tub, a beach.
i asked d if this whole spending time at his parents made him feel domestic, and he said no it made him feel like a loser...(because he won't ever be able to afford a big fancy house) but i still have the whole having my own little family thing on my mind, it doesn't necessarily have to include children, i think that something in my mind just wants to get married.
but this weekend of sleeping and lazing about, just reading, cuddeling and talking was so good for my tired soul, while i'm still sleepy from oversleeping all weekend, i feel better psychologically that i have in a long time. i think i just still needed the time to just kick back since i finished school because i've just been going full force ever since, working more than i ever have consistently, then had to go out to van, and on all my days off i have like 30 things to do.
it's going to be soo strange to go to sleep alone tonight... it's been a while. im not even sure what im going to do when i have a day off work...
well good night all...
anybody know how to make new templates cuz mine has up and left me??

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