uneasily content (i bet i have at least 5 other entries named this)
2005-05-06, 12:51 a.m.

We're back together. Everything is going to be ok. But those have to have been the most painful 13 hours of my life. I couldn't sleep, despite the percaset I took, it just made me numb, or maybe I was just out of tears. And around 6am it wore off, and I was a mess again. I talked to my parents. My dad really seems to respect Darren, he's hated every single one of my former boyfriends, and been concerned and sympathetic when the time came that they ripped me apart, but today he was actually hopeful for me. he said that Darren would be back within 24 hours, that somebody like him is really considerate, he aerated our lawn for free, and has put countless hours of work into my cars, and helped me and family out all the time. This was around 8am. I took a sleep pill and didn't awaken again until I got the text message... he made a mistake. and maybe i shouldn't have made it so easy on him after how badly he hurt me last night, but I love him, and after a few text messages and a 15 minute long phone call we were back together. We went to humpty's for dinner. I wore his coat. And we sat by the river in Edworthy Park for a while, and talked. I realized that I'm completely numb, my skin was freezing cold to touch but I didn't realize it, I have a gash up my left arm that I can't feel... I'm happy... elated. But numb at the same time. I'm in love. ANd he said that he realized that he was too afterall. But I think I already knew that. In our brawl on my front lawn I left a few scratches on his face, and in his defence he ended up biting his lip. oops. I'm sorry for beating him up. But again at the same time I'm not. He says he's gotton out of fights with guys twice his size with less damage. And I'm just a little girl. He says that he thinks I'm the girl he'll end up marrying. Maybe I wasn't so far off track afterall. And he wants to move in with me in August.. I'm happy this worked out. Nothing felt better than to just fall into his arms after work tonight. and right now... I'm gonna download music and chat until Im exhausted. And does anybody know the cheat on the Sims to get more money? cuz i finally have a computer. and any good music to download.

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