always come close but never come easy
2005-03-16, 1:10 p.m.

and i bet none of you had as satisfying not as i did last night... if you know what i mean. 3 times. hehe. sorry for sharing.
well my financial situation is not in quite as good of shape as i had previously though... and i realized that i really have to have the exhaust leak on my car fixed, it's getting too loud and annoying, and i really need to be able to turn on the heat at night. im going to freeze my ass off. my i have a part that should be picked up at auto value today, and i need gas. i get paid in a week. and there is the off chance that i'll have another cheque from the student's union book store from another book selling, that would be very very nice. and i'll do my taxes soon and then should be at least a hundred bucks or so. i don't feel like going to my english class. i really don't enjoy it. my seat mate has decided to no longer speak to me, that's ok though, i dislike the class regardless. the teacher is a flake and she chooses some terrible material for us to be reading. My brother was waiting up for me last night when I got home, he wants me to buy he and his friend Brent beer, I have to say that's pretty cute. I'm more than willing to do it. when i was 16 i often had a very difficult time finding people to boot for me. well...
*I'm not one for complaining, but I love the way you'd roll excuses off the tip of your tounge, as I slowly fall apart*

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