2005-02-11, 2:56 p.m.

it's just like high school. ashley and i are whispering when we should be... doing something. getting nasty looks from a lab moniter who wishes we would be quiet. both totally astonished over the fact of a few couples who have surprised the world with engagements recently. holy shit. i don't even know how to comprehend that. GETTING MARRIED?!?! i remember when me and Pen saw Dirty Bobbie on the bus in the summer, she had a baby. my head felt weird about that for days... good god, what is the world expecting of me now.
well i just finished writing 2 midterms... and frightening it was. i was all super motivated to study ALL day yesterday... read persepolis and went to B's instead (btw we didn't end up taking any pictures to post, but i'll try again soon) i came home, with the full intention of studying, started, the phone rang, it was david, i talked to him for almost an hour. i have to contemplate whether or now i should feel bad that i decided to yell at him on sat night, the night his girlfriend told him that she kissed another boy... naw don't feel bad. and i had previously been feeling bad for his best friend's girlfriend, because his best friend didn't prove to be the most loyal guy once having a couple (or $210 worth) drinks. i can't help it that im DAMN sexy and cute... and apprently he couldn't either. i would never have done anything, but i had still been feeling bad that james had made moves. im rambling
the bottom of this. i was supposed to study. i didn't (much) and now i work all weekend. im exhausted. i fucking hate sean. last sunday he wasn't coming to let us all go, so we decided to get ready and go, maybe he wanted to work all night but i had a ride waiting for me. and as we walk out the door he threatens us "i'm doing your appraisels next week"
i'm done.

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