a big sparkly foreign object.
2005-01-24, 6:22 p.m.

well i survived my weekend of work, which i can say was full of sheer pain. but i survived. i have spent like a total of 5+ hours in the bath over the past few days. but yesterday things were looking up. i actually wore jeans as opposed to sweats or "swooshy pants" and i *gasp* shaved my legs. and managed to feel and look at least somewhat human. (and did i succeed... we will never know) darren and kevin came to see me at work. i was so fucking excited. i was just kind of off in my own little bubble wandering around, and there he was, just out of reflex i jumped on him, not like jumped on him... but i guess you know what i mean, and just yelled "DARREN!!!" i got laughed at by a customer. i dunno if i've ever been so excited to see somebody. i often still catch myself staring at him, it's like i have to watch, and make sure he's real. last night we were just hanging out, watcing pulp fiction, and i was just so interested in how his eyebrows lower as he thinks, how he touches his face. i'm such a lucky girl...*sigh* i feel pretty good today. i walked a bit instead of being a lazy ass and driving. it was soo warm. made me happy. but i must say i was pretty pissed off to get back to my car after my classes, and realize that it wouldn't start. the little thing comes off my starter sometimes, and my dad has to come and fix it. it took him 1 1/2 hours to get to the college, it was getting pretty brisk, and i had no coat and no heat, and i was too lazy to walk back to the buildings. too far. then it started, and the starter got stuck, and i couldn't shut the engine off at all, so it just sounded like what happens when you're trying to start your car on a cold day, but it did it all by itself. fucking scary, i was like OH SHIT! THE WHOLE THING IS GONNA BLOWWW! but no. no it didn't my dad saved the day as he often does. we're each other's road side assistance, as he sometimes has to come fix this fucking cellunoid (or however you want to spell it) or come break in when i lock my keys in... i locked my keys in my car twice in like a week or 2 last year, so i made a couple extra copies of the key so if it happened again i could get in, but i've never done it since. how bizarre. how bizzare. bah. i am so sick of the music i have downloaded right now. i should delete it all and get some new stuff... or not. alright im tired. perhaps i should go have a little bath. finish my laundry and watch sex &the city and have a nap... yes.

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