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2005-01-14, 1:45 a.m.

i'm still eatting junk food. and drinking citrus flavored sprite in a wine glass that somebody special lent to me when i was sick, with a wild flower in it. so simple. but so fucking beautiful. remember the wild daisies... My nerves are bad. I wish my mother wouldn't buy croissants. They give me a guilty conscience. Monday is the day that I am going to start going to the gym (again) with lady frenzy. although i generally refer to her as carol. i'm being a sap. and sentimental. But i have to say. Nothing is better, than driving around, eating lick-a-maid. (i know the package says lik-m-aid or something but i like it better my way) and driving, listening to cheesey country with the closest that i could ever consider my sister. (it's just a plot, she's really my lesbian lover, she knows what happened in the parkade at market mall today) singing into our candy sticks, me and my braids, just laughing. as happy as 2 naive high school girls. and i'm smiling about it. because it was beautiful. and i smile because sometimes... i get to be the naive high school girl that i never really was. i was the high school girl with the xacto knife, who cried at night, thinking nobody could ever love me. listening to everclear. over and over again. but through all that pathetic emotional crap, this beautiful girl was right there... (pen) and later this wonderful blonde boy, was dropped from wherever these types come from... i'm a lucky girl
i'm getting cheesey again. i think i'm overtired. and apparently my bank rejected my student financing direct deposit, probably my own fault, but super annoying nonetheless. so they mailed me a cheque, and i can only hope it arrives tomorrow, so i can buy clothes tomorrow. *cough* i mean buy books on monday. teehee. apparently i'm not allowed any more hoodies until i give some to the salvation army. hmph. (note to future husband/commonlaw person (what are you actually supposed to call a commonlaw person?) or room mate: ALL OF THE CLOTHES STAY!!!!!!! actually... everything stays) and on another note:NOBODY ever marry me/live with me. and heeey... does it count if you give other people's clothes away? well i think it's long due that i went to bed... i bought some awesome undies today, they have snowflakes on them. AND GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY! PEN HAS A MATCHING PAIR!! SO NOW YOU ALL KNOW WHAT HER UNDERWEAR LOOKS LIKE HAHAHAH. (don't be mad. i loooove you pennington) and some super fancy sweat pants.
And you... I love you... I love you... I love you.
And me... I love me... I love me... I love me...
Just kidding, But i'm sure going to have some beautiful hair when i take my braids out.
And I was only half kidding, i really do love me love me love me, but i'm not TOOOO conceited yet. *hits self and sends self to bed*
sorry for the insanity.

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