2005-01-13, 12:48 p.m.

So today is once again Alli day. To celebrate I had a cookie and some chips for breakfast, and I'm thinking of having a teeny tiny little pepsi to go along with that. Yesterday I had veggies and a cheese stick for lunch instead of chicken fingers and fries, which i really wanted, so today I can eat junk. For 10 more minutes. And I also plan on having a shower and then walking around in a towel for an undecided amount of time. I didn't get my loan yet, but I did get paid last night, the biggest cheque i have had in an extremely long time, $382 ohhh yeah, the next one will be big as well because of the xmas bonus. Looks like it's what's going to be buying me books though. :( Except if I don't have my loan money coming, then that means my tuition isn;t going to be paid and therefore I'm going to be getting kicked out of all my classes and looking for a job. And then... I could move out and get a new car. Even though it sounds sooo appealing, it probably isn't. I wanna move out so bad, just to have a little bit of freedom. Well I should call student financing now, then go have a shower. My hair has somehow gone straight, I'm not quite sure how or why that has happened, but i'm intrigued. Well I'm on hold with alberta student financing. so i best be off.

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