jan 4, 2:40 am

well here i am. i'm talking to reed. he's in thailand. i've been worying about him for a week, and trying to get the nerve to call his family to make sure he was alright, but i was so prepared for the worst that i was too afraid to call. he said that he didn't even know a storm had hit until later, that the word of it just traveled by mouth over there. he showed me a picture of his hotel 15 hours after he left it... pretty scary. he's just the same as always. totally mellow and calm. his msn conversation verging on kinky. i love that boy to bits, and just to think we never humped when we had the opporutnity *sigh* hehehe. i'm getting silly. my running of errands today was a complete waste of time, the banks were closed so i couldn't pay my parking ticket, so darren's going to do that for me tomorrow. and the college was still closed so i couldn't go buy my books and parking pass, not that i have my loan yet but oh well. it took me an hour to get out of westhills, it was such a gong show up there, accidents and chaos. did some laundry, and now i have clean laundry everywhere!!! i went over to darren's tonight, i wasn't in a very good mood for whatever reason and i don't think he was all too impressed with that. i've just been moody and weird lately. i should go into solitary confinement for a while. bleh. but i go back to school tomorrow/today (depends on which way you want to look at it) not really looking forward to that, i have 2 classes that are each going to be 3 hours long, that's going to be fucking brutal. i have a hard time sitting through 1 hour classes. oh well, maybe it will help me gain patience. or something. well i should go read and sleep. no sex& the city tonight. im devastated.
*call 911, i'm already dead but somebody should be caught and help responsible for this bloody mess*
brand new fucking rocks. i'm re-emo-ed. no beating of with stick required at this point in time though.

life - death