jan 3, 1:30 pm

so here i sit, in a tank top a pair of sparkly panties and a fleece blanket for a skirt. it's a slightly odd, but very alli thing to do. i couldn't find the pants i want to wear, so instead of continuing the search, i opted for the blanket. i must say, it's very warm. i go back to school tomorrow, i took today off work because i have a thousand things to do, but the website to check my bank account balance to see if my loan has arrived isn't working so i don't know if i can even afford books and a parking pass yet. i suppose i could go to a cash machine...if i don't clean the hallway outside my bedroom today my mother is going to kill me. 3 weeks worth the clean laundry is sitting in a basket outside my door, and 2 weeks of not clean laundry is sitting in a pile just inside my door. so somehow im surviving even though approximately 5 weeks of my clothes are out of circulation. i think that might mean i have TOO MUCH!!!! when i run out of clean clothes i'll just buy new ones... or i can do laundry... hmmm. well my cat is acting very odd. he's sitting on the floor, just staring out the window or at the wall. i'm not really sure what he's looking at but he's been very bizarre lately. last night braden and i were sitting on IZZIE'S couch and he wasn't too impressed, he tried to battle us off it for a while and gave up, but the second we got up he was back on it. silly kitty. i best go be productive now. tata <3

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