my brother can recite the alphabet backwards
jan 1, 11:35 pm

well today was new years day. and i can't think of a better way to of spent it. so last night i went, with great nervousness to darren's friends for their dinner thing, i was sooo nervous, i dropped a bottle of wine, only a few people noticed. i felt like such a dumb ass, and then of course had to replay it over and over again in my head "stupid alli you dropped a bottle of wine" it didn't break or anything but still.... i felt like i was dressed wrong, and that i looked stupid for taking a bottle of wine. i dunno. it was just a suggestion from coworkers because i was freaking out.. i had a couple drinks (my mother's advice, to calm down) and started to feel better. we left the dinner party to go to a pub, i danced with the other girls a bit, i wasn't a nervous wreck but i didn't feel like i really fit in, but that's ok. but shit those girls were big, darren of course pointed out that i was like 1/3 the weight of most of those girls. but they were MOSTLY really nice. at midnight darren put a couple handfuls of confetti on my head, so of course i got him back, and from a few different directions i could hear "look at them, they're sooo cute" and he came to dance with me to Redneck Woman and they were saying it again. it's great being "the cute couple" we didn't stay at the pub much past midnight. so d drove us back to his place where we spent the night. needless to say, we left confetti all over his bedroom and bathroom. and i mean ALL over. we decided to have a shower because we smelled like smoke in the bar. it was wonderful. and then we did it for hours. and spent the night side by side. we planned on getting up at like 10 30 this morning and then going down to claresholm to visit his parents. we ended up sleeping til mid afternoon and then going to claresholm. i met his parents, and survived. mike's mom was so condescending to me, and i always had this huge urge to tell her to stop talking out of her larger than life sized ass and get a grip. darren's mom is very prim and proper, but was friendly towards me. (i now have a new mouse pad, and i must say MMM HMMM) as eratic as my sleeping patterns are i sure loved spending the night with darren. good thing i'm tiny or we wouldn't have fit on his bed together. and also lucky im just a little icicle person so we didn't get to hot lying together. *sigh* im so fucking happy. i met his parents today, so i took him to meet my grandparents. argh. i wanted to stay there so bad, they had a fire going in the fireplace and it was all warm and cozy, and it was fucking cold out and my car is kinda rattly in the cold. well i think im going to go watch a couple episodes of sex & the city before i sleep.
and note to pen, i was not pissed off you at you and you wern't pissing me off, i was just over all...irritable and not really in the mood to be social. nothing personal. sorry if i offended. hope you had an ok time last night. talk to ya soon.

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