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2004-12-15, 2:08 a.m.

today was one of those days that really made me remember that "it's the little things that count" as cliche as it sounds. i slept til 2, and when i awoke my pink eye looked a lot better. but i dreamed i had a 240, and that it was parked on Lee's driveaway across the street, and when i woke up and found out that didn't really have a 240... i was pretty disappointed. it wasn't even a nice 240, but that's probably why it was so special, I was going to fix it, the rust and everything, it was really going to be MINE. *sigh* i will have it someday... i had a hot bath, which felt amazing, and damn were my legs ever smooth. i made a weak attempt at cleaning my bedroom, got all my clean clothes put away and the ones yet to be washed are in the basket as opposed to on the floor, and the hundred cd's that i dropped on the floor AGAIN are all picked up. my cousin chad was in my room looking at my cd's, and i kept telling him, don't touch them they'll fall, please don't touch them, like 100 times. he left my room without so much as moving them... and about 10 minutes later I knocked them all over... I might as well of just told him to do it. i was so annoyed with myself that i just laughed. and then kevin and i went to the mall to buy his angel person, Tia her christmas gifts... he thought this particular conversation was quite humerous, kev: "i like to have a theme for my christmas, this years theme is angels" me: "i have a theme too, it's self loathing" he said i should put that in a diary entry and make it really funny. but it seems as though i am totally lacking in the humour department right now, except tonight i said to darren "they're like a soft tiny porcipine" and he laughed... what i was refering to will remain a secret for all eternity. muahaha. :D after kev an i were done at chinook we went to wal mart then to his place where My D was waiting for us. it's like both us worried all weekend, we talked and thought it all out and now everything is absolutely wonderful again. i felt affectionate again, which i guess is kinda rare for me, maybe not rare but spiratic (don't mind the spelling) i felt all cuddely and nice. we decided to go back to his house, we raced up deerfoot, i totally kicked his ass. hahahaha ANY ford will kick the ass of a prelude any day. (maybe not. but my car still kicked his good) i decided that i may be in love with Morti... he's reliable, in good shape and everything, it's probably the system in it that makes so ecstatic. (BTW dearest Kev you left Pinkerton in my deck, it's MINE MINE NOW!!!) Me and Kev listened to Pinkerton, it was awesome... possom. HAHAHAHA. here i am at like 2 30 in the morning, drinking cranberry juice and saying awesome possom... it's one of my favouritest things in the whole world to say, as well as 'that's hot' it seems as though david has invaded my vocabulary. my cell has barely stopped ringing for days, it's like all of a sudden all these guys have decided that I'm the IT girl of the moment of something. This guy, Ian who i was kinda sorta seeing in sept called me totally of the blue tonight, he was like 'hey alli' 'hey...' 'do you know who this is?' 'nope not a clue' and it's so weird, cuz after Ian and I actually tried to go on our first date, which turned out to be too awkward for words, we just didn't talk again, nothing else to it. and i'd thought about him a couple times in the past week and me and pen talked about him, and then he called. it was kinda neat... but kinda weird. it makes me wonder if he wants something... and if so what. but all i can say is BACK OFF BOY!! you may have extremely pretty hair, but i'm taken :D he may want to see me tomorrow, and braden wants to go shopping, and darren wants to take me to dinner. it's tough being so admired, and beautiful. *sigh* well tonight was busy, i must rest this beautiful body now. good night all.
so content.

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