the longest fucking survey to be done... ever
2004-12-07, 2:26 am

[ x ] Wallet- it's black and has $4 in it.
[ x ] Jewelry worn daily - my ring that my cousin gave me when i was 10, and 4 earrings.
[ x ] Pillow cover – i have numerous ones, blue plaid, flannel clouds, cat in the hat, not flannel clouds. .
[ x ] Underwear - any color and style i have, but overall i prefer black boy short type ones
[ x ] Favorite shirt – hmm... fcuk one i guess
[ x ] Perfume/cologne - gap blue, but they don;t make it anymore, im big on fcuk right now, also like contradiction
[ x ] CD in stereo right now - OK NO LAUGHING!!! cuff the duke (sweet ass blue grass/prog rock/indie stuff) kenny chesney and switchfoot in my room, brand new/dashboard confessional in my discman and an mp3 cd in my car of hundreds of songs.. what a complicated mixture...
[ x ] What you are wearing now – haha must you ask... white tank top with cherries on it, indian motercycle fleece and red firework fleece pj pants. soo comfy..
[ x ] In my mouth – nothin
[ x ] In my head – a bit of confusion, a bit of stress, a lot of happiness and a song.
[ x ] Wishing –that i didn't have 2 essays to write and a project to do tomorrow night.
[ x ] After this – watching sex and the city and then reading some more. then sleep.
[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now - there's a lot. some deceased, some still alive. mostly Zoie, Layla and my D.
[ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - being done school!! yay :D
[ x ] Do you like the taste of blood – not in the least..
[ x ] Do you believe in love – Yes
[ x ] Do you believe in Heaven – no
[ x ] What do you want done with your body when you die - i don't really know, but wherever i am, make sure flowers are planted nearby.
[ x ] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be - a cat. althoughi do like my cousin's idea of a pet girl guide. mmm cookies.

[x] Political stance: im pretty apathetic towards it all. not quite an anarchist though.
[x] If you ruled the world -no weapons of mass destruction.

if i were a month... september. br>if i were a day of the week... friday afternoon YES..
if i were a time of day... whenever my first nap is. .
if i were a planet... i'd really rather be a star than a planet. br>if i were an animal... a polar bear. roar..
if i were a direction... uhh... southh and west, towards the ocean?.
if i were a piece of furniture... weird question. .
if i were a liquid... pepsi. mmm
if i were a tree... well i'm reading about eucalyptus right now. so maybe one of the varieties of it.
if i were a bird... i fucking hate birds .
if i were a tool... i don't need to be a tool, because so many people already are one. br>if i were a flower... a gerber daisy.
if i were a kind of weather... the spring, the first night when you get to drive with the windows down... i remember the first night we realized that. we were on our way to options to eat wings with people, i sure didn't know what that night would bring. one of the best nights of that summer..
if i were a mythical creature... mermaid, with legs as well so i could still drive..
if i were a musical instrument... the kick drum. yes..
if i were a colour... prolly navy or black..
if i were an emotion... is "what in the fucking hell?" an emotion or just a state of mind? br>if i were a vegetable... cauliflower.
if i were a sound... darren's sweet deep voice.
if i were an element... water
if i were a 240 sx. fuck>if i were a book... summer sisters. my "sister" is more than just my summer sister though, she is my sister for life..
if i were a place... satna monica br>if i were a material... denim. durable
if i were a taste... pepsi
if i were a scent... victorias secret lotion, armani cologne. mmmm..
if i were a word... shweet (thanks Pen) !
if i were an object... a 240 sx
if i were a body part... hair
if i were a facial expression... my mischevious little smile
if i were a subject in school...abnormal psychology. muahaha
if i were a cartoon character... spongebob
if i were a shape... flower
if i were a number... 2.
if i were an article of clothing... hmm well puffy down vests are awesome. as are pj pants.
if i were a weapon... i would destruct myself br>if I were an alcoholic drink... paralyzer. mmm

8 Things you like to wear: hoodies, anything black, comfy pants, swooshie pants, cute undies, tank tops. Things that anger you: crowchild during rush hour, people who find it necessary to have discussions at the bottom of stair ways or in the middle of crowded hall ways. waiting. Things you say most days: my current favourite is "fucking fantastic" and sweet, as well as shweet Things you do everyday:i waste a lot of time, i sleep, but never enough, i talk on the phone pretty much every day, listen to music. People you want to spend more time with: myself. Movies you could watch over and over again:<" empire records, american beauty. Of your favorite songs at the moment: jay z- 99 problems. p>1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:the last thing in the entire world i want to think about is the rest of my life. >

- height: 5'3" ish
- shoe size: 7-ish
- hair color: brown
-siblings: one brother. .

- movie you rented: jersey girl....
- song you listened to: jay z- 99 problems>- song that was stuck in your head: LEAN BACK "
- person you've called: kevin at like 2am this morning
- person that's called you: david called me at 6 this morning. fantastic.
- show you've watched: i watched that 70's show last night
- person you were thinking of: i think david *shakes fist at being called at 6am*

- you have a crush on someone: not really. but i have a fantastic boy.
- you wish you could live somewhere else: when it's cold here i sometimes wish i was in florida. you believe in online dating: not in the least. br>- others find you attractive: generally .
- you want more piercings: maybe another couple in my ears. br>- you like cleaning: haha you should come over and see my room, that question would be answered for itself.
-you write in cursive or print: print

- candy
- thing to do: talk to my favourite people.
- thing to talk about: hmm that's a good question. i like talking about 240s
- drinks: pepsi
- clothes: warm
- holiday: canada day YAY p>

- shampoo do you use: well i like got 2 be, bed head, pantene, herbal essences, daily defence.
- are you scared of: car accidents
- number of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: maybe 3-5.
- number of people I consider my enemies: meh... don't care enought o declare anybody an enemy right now.

- disney movie: lion king
- word: this is getting redudant. but the word fuck is funt o say
- nickname: one calls me kitten, mini me, allington, froggie
- eye color: blue
- flower: still a gerber daisy

- pretty: sure why not, i know a lot of people are a hell of a lot worse and better looking than me.
- funny: occasionally.
- hot: some nights
- friendly:to some degree
- amusing: some might find me ammusing.
- ugly: sometimes im sure im ugly as all hell br>- loveable: everybody seems to loveme, so i guess so.
- sweet: sweet/bitter-sweet more likely
- dorky: most definitely.

life - death