poor dubetz
2004-11-26, 2:09 p.m.

running into an ex/former fuck buddy provokes odd feelings... I saw him, had to get closer to make sure it was him (the nose is a dead give away) It was one of those moments where everything kind of freezes just for a second, and you realize... our eyes met, I smirked and kept walking. As soon as I passed I immediately wished I wasn't wearing glasses, and in sweats, all black, and my hair is in a messy pony tail. You are supposed to look stunning when you run into somebody who hurt you in the fashion he did me. I thought about him, for just a moment, the car I had SOOO badly wished to vandalize was sitting 2 cars over from mine in the parking lot, I would have loved to do it, but he'd of known it was me, he knew my favourite trick. 10 minutes later, when I got home, I remembered how badly he fucking hurt me, and how much I dislike (hate) him. None of this means anything at all... I kind of wished I had the guts to go up to him and tell him that I am blissfully happy now, dating somebody he once lived with. But what interested me was the totally specific chain of feelings... He looks like crap, that makes me laugh.

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