another giant survey, sorry i know this is getting redudant.
2004-11-24, 9:37pm

what time is it: 937 name as appears on birth certificate: I told you already, it's Princess Alli nicknames: err... i dunno. my nicknames rarely stick, cept for Mini Me and Allington single or taken: taken Hair color: brown eye color: blue height: 5'3, im a frikken giant shoe size: 6/7 glasses or contacts: i got em both, i'm just so lucky piercings/tattoo: gots 4 earrings, thinking of a tiny star tattoo on my wrist birthplace: calgary current residence: see above siblings and ages: i have a bother his name is muffie, he is 5, i meant 16. ***HAVE YOU EVER...*** gone skinny dipping?: nope been drunk? hahaha... monthes dec-march and july-september were spent mostly drunk, so yes. gotten high? no skipped school? not me. never. yeah sometimes sleep is more important. asked someone out? years and years ago been rejected: not within the last 5 years. been in love? yup... i know not everybody can be as lucky as me... used a lighter? rarely, but every so often i'll light a candle *** FAVORITE... *** school subject: abnormal psychology TV show: life as we knew it (i'm beginning to think it's been canceled though, and i must say, i am devastated) but i also like sex and the city, friend and spongebob, jay leno number: 2 candy: 5 cent candies. POP: PEPSI vacation spot: i've never really been anywhere that i HAVE to go back to... so i dunno sport to play: is sleeping a sport? fast food restaurant: wendy's Cartoon character: it used to be daria, but i never watch that anymore, so spongebob cuz he's so obnoxious Name for a boy: william andrew Name for a girl: julie ***DO YOU PREFER... *** chocolate or vanilla? neither really boys or girls? a little from column a, a little from column b, just kidding, they both serve very important purposes in my life. like or love: i like to love people hugs or kisses? depends on who they're from and how recently they've brushed their teeth scary movies or comedies: drama silver or gold?: silver croutons or bacon bits? meh... this question is soo lame *** IN THE PAST 24 HOURS, HAVE YOU...*** watched a movie? nope cried? a tiny. thrown up? naw drank a glass of water? i've drank out of my water bottle read a book: *hides head in shame* no, i have no read any of the 4 novels for my english class watched TV? yup babysat: fuck no taken a shower? yes, and a bath been in a car: yessum listened to music? always. done your homework? never ***U BELIEVE IN... *** heaven: no God: no Hell: no Aliens: no Fun for the entire family: usually not my family... freedom of speech? usually Love? yes Magic: *** SOME RANDOM STUFF *** last movie you saw in the theaters: hmm i believe i saw without a pattle with kev in the middle of september What color pants: right now. my black swooshie pants What color shirt: black hoodie with blue designs, my all time favourite do you like your middle name? well i go by my middle name, so i guess i like it more than my first name what is the best thing since sliced bread? my sub. Did you send this to your crush: im not sending this to anybody, i am simply posting it on my public diary for those to copy and paste as they please. what time is it now? 9:46

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