is it alright... for me to feel this way put my head in your lap the world will go away
2004-11-23, 2:18 a.m.

what a beautiful night out, it's cold, but the sky is so clear, you can see the stars. somebody once showed me a few of the constellations on a warm summer night out in airdrie, but all i can ever find now is oriens belt, however you spell it. kevin and i spent this evening together, we went to safeway and out for dinner then back to his place where we hung out with richard for a bit, where i proceded to tape kevin's hand to his mouse (i dunno... the duct tape just was screaming my name) and i taped richard's lighter and smokes to his hand, and his hand to his crotch, whitch involved also taping up his legs and it looked like he was wearing garters. those boys are the greatest. and for most of the rest of the night kevin and i looked at pictures of naked girls and some porn. odd sceanario. looking at neked girls, that my boyfriend downloaded, with my boyfriends brother. lol. i can't say as neked girls interest me, and i actually found the porn to be a turn off. it's supposed to be really hot to cum all over a girls face (for both parties involved) but i found myself disgusted.
i spent the weekend being a complete head case, but i've calmed, and i am content and happy tonight. finished my midterms (finally) and can finally relax a bit before carol and i begin our english project, which of course we don't have a clue what to do. but that's ok. tomorrow night Clint and I are going on another hot pasta date (ohhh yeah baby)... and BTW... Braden and the ORIGINAL Clint may want to come as well. He misses you. hehehe. sorry. We should invite the original Brock as well, just cuz that would humerous. But... is that a problem?
I feel great. exhausted, but my head feels good after my weekend of neurosis.
.I am loved.
.thank you.
I smile because of you, my beautiful brown eyed boy.

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