PANTIES (sparkly ones)
2004-10-23, 2:39 a.m.

i went 3 1/2 weeks without a drink. and tonight pen and myself named alli went to the back alley and we gt drunk in my car. pj (a co worker) asked me tonight "alli are you going to the alley tonight?" and i said no. i'm not drinking right now. whoops. i drank. but we had such a fucking awesome night. just danced and wandered aimlessly. shut down so many boys. it was a blast. it feels good to scream along to songs filled with anger and obscneities when nobody can hear you. this is taking me a lot of effort to type this. and i know im still making typing mistakes. but that's ok. life is good.
so much for being the straight edge girl. oh well. it was only 3 1/2 weeks. lets see if i can make it until my birthday, haha just a joke cuz im prolly gonna get 100% trashed tomorrow night as well. but tonight i was only like 57% percent trashed. and helllooooo.
i bought 5 new pairs of super hot undies tonday when i was downtown with sparkles mr spawkles martyn. damn mr spawkles. they are damn cool. all sparkly with snowflakes and all that fun stuff.
im going to go to sleep now.
and i would like a new diary template, and i am contemplating a new diary altogether, does anybody have any ideas because i am not a princess any more (damn you tara and ruining my illusion) and i need a new email address... sheesh that's a lot of thinking to be done. good night. moon. good night stars. good night happiness. wheerever you are.

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