2004-06-08, 12:26 a.m.

well. i arrived in edmonton. slowly but surely. and i'm alive surprisingly enough. this is the furthest i've ever driven on my own. and as much as i'm dreading the drive home. i'm pretty proud of myself. i made it all the way here without the help of others, except for calling chris to ask him where there is a tire place... but oh well. i even got as far as west ed. where i met up with pen. and we decided to surprise my aunt and find her house on her own... did you know the the avenues turn into streets here and vice versa? so we had a really hard time figuring out where we were going... that and that fact that we were going in the total opposite direction pen said the street numbers were getting smaller as we went west... we were barely in edmonton by the time we realized they were getting bigger (we hit 215 and we wanted 146) genius girls we are, under neath our dark brown hair we're both blonde i am beginning to suspect... my room here that i'm going to sleep in is awesome. sooo big, with a built in bathroom. how cool can you get? (peanut, lets move into this house!!! it's a rental) well day after tomorrow is the surgery. i'm so scared for pen... i have to wonder what it must be look for her, she's so calm about it. but what is it like packing your bags to go into the hospital... and knowing... well knowing what could happen. she has this whole philosophy, like if she dies, she'll never really know, she'll be dead. she won't have to suffer... it'll be her family and me and other friends... but she's strong. she can make it through this. she has to..right? oh well. i guess we just have to have the most fun tomorrow that 2 girls could have in a city they don;t know very well... hmm well now i will write my peanut an email. bye all...

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