2004-05-11, 3:13 p.m.

1 1/2 years. personally. im pretty impressed... it's so nice to not have to work today. 6 days in a row. i don't know how michael does it... to celebrate my day off i am sitting in front of my computer in my towel. it's very nice. but i am going to get dressed soon. cuz my uncle is coming over. and im sure he doesn't want to see this. the first thing my dad said to me today, on my first day off was "shouldn't you be at work or something?" yeah dad... nice to see you to. now fix my car you jerk! haha i am absolutely rambling. i am going to wear my new flames hoodie today. to celebrate not only the game tonight, but the snow as well. it makes me cozy. i love the snow, as long as it's not me in it. and seeing as my car has no breaks. i will not have to drive anybody anywhere. YAY but i might drive my parents car later. and i'm on the way to being able to drive a standard. once i put my mind to it and sat down in the drivers seat on actual roads instead of parking lots, i wasn't as hopeless as i once thought. michael is so patient with me, even thought i'm lurching and stalling the car he has had for 3 monthes... i hope i do no permanent damage! well our limo ride is in 2 days! and pen won us another one for the following thursday. i am very excited. i've never been in a limo before. we know this is a scam. but oh well. we won't fall to the pressures of the man. it will be fun!! what a weird entry. it's really time for clothes.

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