2004-04-28, 12:03 a.m.

I'm always the one who has to say I'm sorry first. I'm the one who swallows my pride every night, and continues to follow you around like a lost dog. If I didn't do it, every night I wouldn't get to see you. One night since you've had this lame ass job, ONE NIGHT, I tell you I'm going out with Pen, and you're angry. I don't feel like a priority. 3 nights in a ROW you have to go practice. On the way home I wanted to speak my mind to you. Tell you everything. Did you know that sometimes you are the most inconsiderate prick? I'm trying to save some money up. Did you so much as thank me for lending you my visa to get gas? Did you so much as say good bye to me as I got out of your car? I could of stayed there to bicker with you. But I was too cold. I don't want to be the one to crack, because you can never be the one to say I'm sorry first. But I probably will... "Broken" Alone again again alone Patiently waiting by the phone Hoping that you will call me home The pain inside my love denied Hopes and dreams swallowed by pride Everything I need it lies in you ‘Cause I’m broken I know I need you now ‘Cause deep inside I'm broken You see the way I live I know I know your heart is broken When I turn away I need to be broken Take the pain away I question why you chose to die When you knew your truth I would deny You look at me The tears begin to fall And all in all faith is blind But I fail time after time Daily in my sin I take your life All the hate deep inside Slowly covering my eyes All these things I hide Away from you again All this fear holding me My heart is cold and I believe Nothing’s gonna change Until I'm whole again

life - death