I Love Nola and Morti.
2004-01-22, 1:01 a.m.

There is not nearly enough food in this house. I am a big huge growing girl. FEED IGOR. Ok well I'm not big huge or growing... I'm getting smaller by the day if anything, which is somewhat creepy cuz I have been eating cheese whiz on my toast. which really grosses me out.but this morning i dropped my toast in my car, so it's sitting on my dash now,I'm gonna try and get somebody to eat it in like a week, but I'm sure I'll have thrown it out by then cuz it's gonna get pretty smelly. hellz yeah. I watched "SLC Punk" With Jordan tonight. It was alright I suppose. I would next like to see Trainspotting I think. And Run Lola Run and perhaps the rest of Amelie, i saw the beginning over a year ago so I suppose I should re watch the entire thing. I have been doing french homework for the past 2 hours, So i have little bits of french swirling through my very very overwhelmed brain. Well it's once again the time that I dope myself up and hit the sack. looks like I'll get 8 hours of sleep tonight. HELLZ YEAH.

And to Nola, if you ever read this, I was going through your french work book, and it said put your best friends phone number, and you put mine! I love you infinitely, and I do miss you a lot. It's been too damn long woman!! And maybe you should give me some info about that casino cuz i forgot everyting your mom told me that night (oops...)

Love and chicken too all.

mmm chicken... And finally a quote from Jordan "You ain't no deadbeat" That's what he had to say about me, and why everybody wants me to soo much. I also love Jordan.

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