2003-12-04, 1:15 a.m.

What a night... I am not 18. And i have my very own VCR which my baby bought me, that is super. There are 3 people i would like to personally thank, they would be my dearest mike, my sweetest Pennai, and Mr. kevin. Thank you all so much for coming out tonight. And kevin thank your friends, Mike, and Gohmer, and Mike and some of buddies came to sit with us later on, their names were Steve and Scott, I severely unimpressed one of them by telling them I was going to kill their mom, that was Steve or Scott, the one I didn't say that to wants pictures of tonight, it's your job to figure out who. Cuz I'm gonna look at these pictures and go WHO THE HELL ARE THESE GUYS?!? Well I'm gonna recollect everything I drank.

1) smirmiff black or some something

2) a blow job which you have to down with no hands, it's banana and something with whipped cream on top

3) peach schnops and some shit, it was good

4) some pink think that i also can't remember

5) a paralyzer or some sort

6) prarie fire, tequila and tobassco, yikes

7) long island ice tea

this is not and order and there may be more. of course i was fairly trashed, at midnight last night my friend ryan took me to the ship and anchor we each had one beer, i decided this morning i no longer like beer, because i felt like absolute shit! then i got to school, severely hung over, my dear friend carol bought me a bottle of baha rosa and took me to the "Lib" on campass and i was bought a tequila shot by the bartender, and she bought me an alabama slammer. I was tipsy for a bit. But not drunk. I smile huge once i've had a drink or 2. I am very happy with those who showed up, and for the majority of the rest of my friends: FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!! Ashley, remember how I drove accross the city on your birthday to bring you fucking flowers? Thanks for even saying happy birthday...My aunt called my brother tonight to ask if tonight was my birthday, to make sure she got it right. One grandmother called last night to wish my a happy birthday and see if I got her card and cheque, and basically to critisize me about the fact that I need to borrow a bit of money from her to go to college... I'm soooo sorry that only make 7 bucks an hour and can't quite cover the costs of a $350 dollar course plus books. Maybe i should sell crack?

well now I'm just making myself bitter. I'm just reeeally glad that Mike, Pen and Kevin showed up. It really shows you who gives a shit I suppose. Some people have ligit reasons, like school and what not... but FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!

ok I'm done... Pen was loaded, and she has to be at school at 9am. hahaha. My plan for the day is to try and get a cell phone. Cuz I should be getting paid within the next couple hours.and i got birthday money from my grandma and another cheque from school.

My newest ear piercing hurts like fuck... Warning to all: Listen to me, like I SHOULD HAVE listened to Chandi and Jenn, DO NOT PIERCE YOUR ROOK!! (it's cartilege in your ear) I should have a pic soon if Kev's turned out alright. Well this is essentially pointless. I'm just kinda waiting to be completely sober before I sleep, this is gonna get repetitive.

haha I broke my word of watching out for my liver.

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