2003-12-02, 12:54 a.m.

Well... according to the clock, my birthday is tommorrow. I'm going to be 18. It's kind of a strange thing, I'm like HEY I can buy my own booze! But I really have to not let myself drink much, because I know and have been warned that my liver can't handle it. But It should be alright. Dunno if many people are gonna be coming out on Wed. But that's alright.

I talked to Amy tonight, that was nice, but wow, she's changed so much. I've known her since she was 4, and she's always been the quietest most timid person, and now she's living in the U of C res and she's coming out a bit it seems, it's awesome. And I talked to Nigel. That was cool. And Jordan came over for a bit. We watched Ted and Bill's Exciting Adventure (HE PICKED IT NOT ME!!) and Donnie Darko. Very strange movie... Very sad. I saw Pulp Fiction so now I must see Requiem for a Dream. I'm watching movies that aren't teeny bopper crap and I'm actually understanding them! YAY ME!!

Today I had 2 1/2 hours between my classes so I came home just to chill for a bit, 2nd class was at 2, I leave at 1:30, at 1:15 I layed down on the couch and decided that yeah, I'd wake up in 15 minutes (YEAH RIGHT!) Then at 1:50 I hear my dad coming up the stairs, I was like HOOOLY SHIT! I have a class in 10 minutes. I was about 3 minutes late for the class, which meant that I missed a quiz, his quiz's are really that short. But he let me write it anyways. So that was good. Funny too. My dad drove me. That was nice of him.

And I got another little thing in my ear pierced yesterday, that was fun. It hurt enough, I can't really remember how much the other one hurt so I can't really compare, But I think I can fairly say that this one did hurt. It wasn't THAT bad tho. I'm proud of myself for not fainting or crying or anything like that. I was a brave girl!!

So my semester is nearly over... Then exams and I do it all over again. Fun times... Fun times.

I should go have a shower now. So I can be SpArKlY cLeAn cuz that's FUN!

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