The beginnings of my list...
2003-11-27, 1:46 a.m.

Ok. I'm going to copy the girl who irritates me for some unknown reason. I'm going to create my own list. These are only the beginnings and who knows how far it will go.


1. I'm short

2. But I don't mind

3. I think tall girls look awkward

4. It's all right to be talked down to

5. Or picked up to be kissed

6. I hate liars

7. A lot of people lie to me

8. I'm not really sure why

9. My name is Alli. (obviously)

10. Nobody ever spells it right

11. My eyes are usually blue

12. People tell me they're huge

13. I used to have big breasts

14. I don't anymore.

15. I'm going to be 18 in a week

16. All I want for my birthday is to be hugged

17. And to not spend it alone

18. I weigh in between 100 and 110 pounds

19. A lot of people think I'm anorexic

20. I deny it

21. But don't really know myself if it's the truth or not

22. I have a boyfriend

23. I know he loves me a lot

24. Although I have a hard time showing it right now, I love him too even tho lately he makes me cry a lot and I never see him.

25. He likes to put our personal business in his online diary

26. This aggrevates me intensely

27. If he doesn't stop I'm going to talk about his STAMINA on mine...

28. I tend to be a bit cruel sometimes

29. I hate being touched

30. Especially my feet

31. I'm a night person

32. I can't sleep without my bear

33. And usually there has to be country music playing

34. My secret dream is to sing country music

35. Even tho I suck at singing.

36. For the most part I hate this online diary

37. I don't know why I use it

38. I work in a record store

39. And am taking liberal arts in college

40. I NEVER get a day off from one of them

41. I'd rather go to school

42. I actually love school

43. It makes me feel smart

44. Not a lot of people talk to me at school

45. I can't figure out if it's me or them

46. I usually walk around with head phones on

47. I like to be alone

48. Although I do get lonely

49. I drive a white car

50. At night I drive around and listen to loud music

51. I love fast cars 52. My car is not fast 53. But it has a good sound system :)


Ok that's enough for tonight. I could go on for ever.

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