Thoughts on friends
2003-08-17, 11:46 p.m.

Something I miss so much is having a best friend, or a close friend, a friend I see regularily? That's something I've always had, with the exception of grade 7 when I was a dork and didn't really do anything, but my dad was in the hospital for most of that year so I think it's alright. In grade 8 I had Hillary and Jeni, they were good friends, slightly psychotic for 13 year olds, Jeni was diagnosed with clinical depression and stopped being my friend for some reason. Grade 9 I had a million friends, it was fun, it was probably the year I met my closest friend of all, depression. Grade 10 I met a ton of kids really fast, became really close with Pen and stuck pretty much to her side for all of grade 11, but in the past year something changed, I got a boyfriend and suddenly, friends didn't seem necessary anymore, and for the most part they're not, but in the past 2 monthes, I've been so incredibly lonely, and have just wanted a friend, a girl, a best friend to laugh with until our stomachs hurt, to watch girly movies with. I'm guessing the beginning of college is going to be a lot like the beginning of Jr. High school, I'll probably keep to myself hopefully get some good marks to boot. This may give the impression that I'm unhappy, but I'm not at all. I feel ok right now. But just miss friends. byeeee all

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