stupid racists
july 10, 1:40 am

i hate racist people...the only white person at pen's 18th bday party today... nobody really talked to me cept this guy who was in my english talk, but he was just making small talk, like where i loved and worked etc. nothing interesting and this other girl was really sweet. obviously very sheletered her whole life, but she was nice, i had social with her in grade 10. she touched my hair and hugged me a bit. we went to safeway to buy Pen flowers cuz i didn't have enough money to buy her gift yet. not for a couple weeks. this one guy said right in front of me and another white girl that he hates white people. i wanted to kick his ugly face in. and if i would have said something about not liking asians (this isn't true, but i didn't like HIM after he said that) i woulda gotton my ass kicked and been accused of being a racist and all. pen just said to him like half jokingly that there were white people around. he didn't care. fucking asshole.

i go back to work on friday! it will be exciting. i miss my hmv weirdo people. they're fun. plus i'm bored and lonely, i need some people to talk to, and they're all people like me. a bit odd and slightly eccentric and neurotic. what more could you ask for? well i would ask one of the guys to shower more often. but that might not be nice. teehee. arg. i had so much to say earlier. now im just tired. pen's mom asked me if i've lost weight. i wonder if i really have cuz she's the 2nd person to say anything. i'll have to ask somebody else who hasn't seen me in a while. very weird. oh i can't wait to just hang out and relax tomorrow. gonna feel so nice. it's gonna be hot. ok i have nothign to say. my mind is blank.

i miss you sweetie. come home!!!!!!!!! pweeeeeeeze

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