Proof, no one gives a damn.
June 28, 12:18am

Fighting back tears like never before. He has the right idea "what goes around comes around" he got it, now I'm getting it, and I'm gonna get it more so... And it hurts. This day sucked.

"I don't know why I even bother hanging out with you" "You're really stupid sometimes" Thanks... "It's really too late to have him all to yourself" "He'll defnitely have time to get a quick fuck in" exactly what I want to hear. You won't be seeing me again... You wonder why you can't get a girlfriend? And why you've had sex twice in the 21 years of your pathetic existence? ok well the main one, you're a bit hard on the eyes, you talk too much, too loud, and about nothing, you're kind of a dink, you obsess over girls who would rather date their brother's than you... IE Lisa. and there is another, I think you know who I mean.

Self hatred is a wonderful state of mind. Nobody else gives a shit, so today, I hate everybody. You always say you're going to call. You never do anymore...I don't really deserve it. I know you don't love me anymore, you can refute that all you want... But I'm beginning to see the truth. It's ok, I wouldn't love me either, I don't know what you saw in the first place. All I ever was to you is a porncess. Took away my comment so that nobody would know I'm you're "girlfriend" I will quote Ashley "Today was a perfectly good waste of makeup" I got ready, so confident, I wanted to look nice for you since I didn't get out of my PJs for a while, and you didn't even call... Oh well, Priorities...I'm used to being the bottom of the list. Except for one list, I'm #7. That will change fast enough I can gaurentee. For so long I've heard what wonderful things people do for other people, but never for me. For old girlfriends, cousin's, sister's, friends, anybody. Except for me. You've told me on separete occasions that 2/3 of my ex boyfriends didn't give a shit about me... It's about 75% true to my knowledge, but it's just music to my ears hearing it come from your mouth. Last night Pen ditched me to talk on the phone last night. last weekend I got ditched for a trip to the hospital. I wish I wasn't alone right now. Maybe my cat will come in? YAY. He drooled on me, and on the floor. I've barely done anything in 2 weeks, No wonder I've been so fucking depresed.

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