We could leave this place
2003-03-03, 12:15 p.m.

At school of course. I think I'm taking off as soon as school is done, but of course this plan is a secret :D Nobody will find me. Already said to much. This is actually a backup plan if I don't get into school. I will disapear into the sun. YES YES YES!! Another idea. dreads for summer? I have a job interview tomorrrow at the HMV downtown, I'm soooo excited. It'll be great. Discount pweeze! It's 11 55, this class is over at 12 20, my bus comes at 12 44. go home and sleep, then see my sweeeeeetie. YAY :D I think today Im going to drag him to the Mall to get my dress. And maybe my sexy tiny skirt. YAY Im in a really good mood right now. All smiley and giggly and excited.

I am quoting Alison "People get what they deserve, I hope I deserve a hot cabanna boy" hahaha Alison is great. Alex has very bumpy shins. He almost got a 15 year old girl pregnant. Lovely. Arg 15 more minutes left in this class. I think some everclear lyrics would be good to finish off this entry. It's stuck in my head.


By Everclear

"let's just drive your car

we could drive all day

let's just get the hell away from here

for I am sick again-

just plain sick to death

of the sound of my own voice

we could leave behind

another wasted year

just get some cheap red wine

and just go flying

we could do the things,

all the things you wanted to

no one cares about us anyway

I think I lost my smile

I think you lost yours too

we have lost the power to

make each other laugh

let's just leave this place

and go to summerland

just a name on the map

sounds like heaven to me

we could find a town-

be just how we want to be

no one here really cares

about us anyway

we could find a place-

make it what we want it to be

no one really gives a fuck

about us anyway

we could live-

live just like we want to live

no one here really cares

about us anyway

we could be-

everything we want to be

we could get lost in the fall

glimmer sparkle and fade

the sparkle and fade

fall glimmer sparkle and fade

forget about our jobs at

the record store

forget about all the losers

that we know

forget about all the memories

that keep you down

forget about them

we could lose them in the

sparkle and fade

we could leave them behind

in the sparkle and fade

yeah sparkle and fade

fall glimmer sparkle and fade"

Still 8 more minutes. Im still bored. this cool girl has cool shirts for sale for a fundraiser, I want one, they're $10 but I don't think the smallest one will fit me, I might buy one anyways. SUPER WAL MART!!!!! Alison said a SUPER WAL MART is going to built near my house, that would be sooooo wicked. Open like 24 hours a day, this is my dream come true. Oh that just made this day even more exciting.

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