Want to justify ripping some ones head off
2003-02-27, 1:42 p.m.

It's only like 1:30 and today has already sucked SOOO bad...I woke up... Things were ok, I was tired but I'm always tired, got all ready and then Drew said he wanted to drive me to school... And we stopped for gas, and I accidently hit the power lock switch at the gas station and locked the keys in...hangers wouldn't work to open it so he had to smash the window, which for some reason upset me a lot. By the time I got to school it was like 9, and I was crying. So I walked into bio to write a quiz I HADN'T studied for, crying and realized my hands and jeans had blood all over them. So therefore I freaked out cuz I ddn't realize getting cut by the glass. So I failed the quiz, no big deal, I want to drop the class anyways. Then went to sociology to do a project that wasn't quite ready, but we didn;t have to present today, so that was good. Then i got to leave school at like 11:15 but Jordan took took forever to do something so we didn't leave for like an extra half hour. grr. Got home, found out that the damage to my car is actually $3800, definite right off, they called to ask if I wanted the system, which I do, but have to pay $40 to have them remove it and I can't have my speakers. DAMN THEM!! And Danny's car got totalled, hit while it was parked outside his house in BC, he's more than likely not coming back. That's really sad... It's so frustrating that most of the people I get close to end up leaving. I'm so sick of that. I'm just in a shitty mood. I'm think I'm gonna go watch a movie with Sparkles then go over to see my sweetie. YAY. Just waiting for my hair to dry a bit. Otherwise it will freeze and snap off, that would be funny, it happened to Lindsay. I laughed. So now I best go get all my stuff together, and call Ash and be off, The bus comes at 2 15. it feels reeally weird that I'm home, LEGALLY on a school day at this time. It's fun though. Work is going to have the potential of sucking some serious ass, but MEH. Those bastards better pay me. I'm broke and I need this really nice revealing little outfit! hehehe. Must go phone Sparkly one now.

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