Lets live the way we want to live and hope they go away
2003-02-25, 10:23 a.m.

I'm at school. Obviously not getting a whole lot of work done. But hey... I'm actually working on something fairly intersting, it's about the 70s! YAY!! Like one of my favourite topics there is. 3/4 of the time I will walk downstairs and my dad is like HEY! I had that exact same outfit in like 1975. It's funny. I was born in the wrong generation for sure. I also think I was meant to be on the 70s Show. It would be so kick ass. I'm very deep in thought today, thinking about my own mind. I miss it. I used to be so... me. And now I'm not, I'm a society victom. I have very little contact with the people from when the self that I actually liked was formed, around 2-3 years ago. I don't have one single friend from around that time in my life. Cept for Kevvie...He knows the me that used to exist. Maybe this is who I am now, a conformist, jealous little person with no distinct personality. I'm so homesick for Edmonton. My room has been re-taken over though, by it's rightful owner so I suppose that is alright. What would be nice would be to like... put my headphones on, get on a bus and just sit and daydream for hours. I used to do my best thinking on the bus, now It's just usually an effort to stay standing up so I don't land in somebody's lap. For SOME reason strangers don't like little people sitting on them. Weird. I'm gonna find me again, I really am. Only 10 more minutes is this class, and the teacher now knows that I wasn't working, she prolly saw this minimized at the bottom of the screen with my other 900 things. I tend to do a lot of things at once. Back to biology to do a cow eye dissection. Sick sick. Oh well, Laura likes that sorta stuff so I don't have to touch it, she laughed her ass off at me when we did the brain last week and the heart a few monthes ago cuz I got all squeamish and had to leave the class room so I didn't puke on her shoes. I miss Sparkles. I miss Pencil, I miss Peanut. I miss Izzie, I want to go home and snuggle in my bed and listen to Incubus. That would be very exciting for me. *sigh* it's only Tuesday, it feels like Thursday. But I have a spare today after lunch so me and Tatum are going to go to Bad Ass, and it's pretty essential that I begin looking for a grad dress, other wise I'm going in PJs, that would be so sweet. I'd be super comfy at grad, with my super sexy boy in a tux *drooling* I'll prolly make another entry in work experience later on cuz I'm really not in the mood to work on my PATHETIC resume. It's really hurtin, I handed it in and she wrote on it 'see me' meaning it reeeally sucks. And on the top of my Bio quiz (38% baby) The teacher wrote 'see me for help' HAHA Oh well, in sociology I'm getting like a 92%, 88% in work experience... and 35% in Bio, I am the smartest. Riiiight...

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