please no
2003-02-11, 5:45 p.m.

why oh why must there be so many frustrations and confusian. Things aren't so simple right now and i don't like that. im a simple person and i like thinks simple. im too moody. what could be wrong with me. yesterday i was just tired, but alright then i was getting ready for bed, and i all of a sudden wanted to slit my wrists, not too kill myself, but like just cuz... i didn't. i just continued with my poem and went to sleep. then today i was all tired but fine again, then i got home and was like fuck... im sad. and i told mike about it and he said "neat" NEAT what the hell is that supposed to mean? does he like me better sad and bleeding? and it's our 3 month...we're supposed to be happy today...our 2 month was fun. we went to a movie and stuff. what if this is the end, and all the fighting is just a sign that we shouldn't be together anymore? i couldn't take that. i love him so much and i can't be without him, but we fought on the weekend and he's acting weird today... almost valentine's day, maybe he's stressed out about it. or maybe he just doesn't want to be with me anymore. *sigh* i would rather just know than have to play the guessing game and try to read what he's thinking. hmm. im gonna keep messing around with this diary thingy, see if i can make it kinda cool. byeye

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